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Area Rental Charges:
Each area available for rent has charges that vary based upon intended usage and length & date of event.
Arizona taxes will be applied to all applicable sales items. Except as described under the “hotel provided decorations”, the venue
provides no additional serving, dining or event gear including tables and chairs. Many of these items may be available from our
preferred vendors. All set-up and take-down must be performed by the client or vendors unless venue staff-assist is included with
your contract. In those cases, specifics relating to services provided by venue staff will be incorporated within that contract.

Time Restrictions:
All events may begin no earlier than 11 am and must be completed by 9 pm. Vendor set-up and take-down is
allowed up to two hours prior to the scheduled beginning and end of your event. Please ensure that the scheduled start and end
time of your event allows adequate time for guest arrival and departure.

In cases where an extraordinary amount of labor by venue staff is required to clean up after your event, we reserve the
right to deduct this additional labor expense from your security deposit at the rate of $40 per hour. Missing items and damage to
property will be billed at full new replacement value including tax plus labor, shipping and extra expenses incurred in replacement or
repair. In cases where the deposit is exhausted prior to the fulfillment of this monetary obligation, we will charge the full amount
immediately to the credit card of the contract holder.

Fee Schedule:
A deposit equal to 25% of the total anticipated contract total for your event (excluding guest rooms which are
secured under a convention contract) will be due to confirm your reservation. An additional deposit equal to 50% of the total
remaining contract total for your event (including any additions or deletions from the original contract) will be due at the wrap-up
meeting 90 days prior to the scheduled date of your event. The final payment must be received 7 days prior to that scheduled event

Cancellations / Date Changes:

Cancellations of your contract will only result in a refund of your deposit if the same space and date
is re-booked with another event. In cases where the date of your event changes, we can apply your received deposits to that new
date only after the original date and space has been rebooked. For this reason, a date change will result in a new deposit

Interior decorations must be approved by venue staff prior to their placement at the facility. The following items are
prohibited indoors: any type of lit candle (although exceptions may be made in Plan B cases where the ceremony included the
lighting of a candle) or flame source, fog machines, rose petals, sand, tape, glue, nails, tacks, rice, bird seed. Prohibited itemsoutside include: nails, tacks, glue, uncontained flame sources, structures that require the breaking of ground in order to be properly
paced and equipment that makes noise which may disturb other guests.

Rehearsals are allowed provided they do not interfere with other scheduled events or hotel guest functions. Please
submit your rehearsal requests as early as possible as they must be approved in advance.
Changing Room: Please let us know if you wish to include the rental of a changing room with your event contract.

Photographs may be taken within and on the grounds of the Grand up to two hours before the scheduled start of your
event. It is recommended that you coordinate your photography schedule with our property management so they can assist in your
planning and with any additional photo requests you may have.

Food service, when desired, must be arranged with a licensed catering operation, with that selection submitted to the hotel
management for approval. We do not allow client prepared food to be served at any event.

All alcohol provided to event guests must be served by person with an Arizona pouring license, with selection of vendor
submitted to hotel management for approval. Selected vendor must produce their pouring license for viewing by management no
later than seven days prior to the scheduled date of your event. Venue staff reserve the right to limit or cancel the alcohol service at
any time that it is deemed to be unsafe or to interfere with other guests experience. The provision or service of alcohol by any
person other than a licensed pourer during your event is expressly prohibited.

Smoking is prohibited within all interior locations, including guest rooms, on the property