Treat Yourself to a Grand Stay

Enjoy Spectacular Desert Views and Service from Hospitable Staff

Tombstone Grand Hotel signage
A Luxurious and Environmentally Conscious Hotel

A Luxurious and Environmentally Conscious Hotel

The Tombstone Grand Hotel is the perfect place to rest for the night among the scenic desert dunes. Located minutes from the rich history and legends of Tombstone, Arizona, our 60 room property is filled with modern amenities and the most hospitable staff west of the Rio Grande. The Tombstone Grand Hotel does not have an elevator; please call ahead if you require a first-floor room.

About Our Staff

At The Tombstone Grand Hotel, our dedicated staff is ready to ensure your great western adventure is truly memorable.

While you explore the splendors of the southwestern desert, we offer amenities that ensure you and your family will enjoy the comfortable accommodations, friendly service, and unexpected delights in our amenities package.

Two large beds
A jacuzzi pool area


The Tombstone Grand Hotel is dedicated to protecting the delicate ecosystem of the Sonoran Desert. In partnership with the Cochise Water project, we have minimized our impact on the surrounding desert basin. Property received a bronze level award from Trip Advisor.

You can help us with our environmental efforts by reusing your towels.

Our Story

The inspiration for The Tombstone Grand Hotel comes from the original Grand Hotel. In its prime, the Grand Hotel housed some of Tombstone’s most famous residents, including Wyatt and Virgil Earp, Doc Holliday, and the Clanton Gang.

Front door of the hotel

What Sets Us Apart

As we set out to create a unique boutique experience in the legendary town of Tombstone, we looked to preserve some of the elements that made the Grand Hotel so special. We pride ourselves on the quality of our establishment and our skilled staff.

Front view of the hotel

Wondering about the bird?

Sitting atop The Tombstone Grand Hotel logo is a cactus wren, the state bird of Arizona and resident trouble maker. The cactus wren’s gregarious personality and distinct features make it fairly easy to spot. Be on the lookout for a vocal bird with a brown head, white eye stripe, and spotted tail feathers.

Cactus wrens are also notorious for getting into mischief. Being curious birds, it is not uncommon for them to be found flying about in automobiles where the owner has left a window open. While staying with us, Some of the best birding in the United States happens here in Cochise County. Approximately 400 species of birds can be found in the area year-round.

An entryway of a building